Crisalix®: 3D Simulation System

With this simulator you can take photos of your face or body to see yourself in 3D .

Crisalix®: 3D Simulation System

Crisalix® is a digital simulation system that we use at Clínica Ángela Ojeda so that our patients can see a 3D approximation of the result of their surgery:


Simulate yourself and observe the result of your desired surgery:
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  • Upload your photos
    Take 3 photos of your face or body with a mobile phone or camera. Then upload them safely to your private Crisalix account. Finally, see how your face and body look in 3D, totally free.
  • Access to advanced functions
    From your private account you can also make an appointment for a face-to-face consultation or a video call.
  • 3D simulation of breast augmentation
    With this 3D simulator you can get an idea of the shape and size your breast will have after breast augmentation surgery. It allows you to try out different volumes and shapes of prosthesis; so that you can choose the implant that best suits your expectations, achieving natural and long-lasting results. 7

Why is Crisalix so useful in breast augmentation?

Each patient has a different body morphology, so that with the same implant different results can be obtained. Crisalix offers you the possibility of seeing a three-dimensional image very similar to the result you would have after the operation with one or another prosthesis. Not only does it help the patient to choose the size and projection of the desired implant, but it also enables the surgeon to get a more accurate idea of their wishes and expectations.