Lifting is a surgery that consists in repositioning tissues that have been aging due to the passage of time, sun exposure and stress.

Techniques and procedures

3 – 4 hours
Local and sedation / General.
24 hours
Return to work 10 - 15 days.

The passage of time, sun exposure, gravity and stress generate a progressive aging and is manifested mainly in the face and neck. Elastic fibres lose functionality, there is a loss of volume and a sagging that affects the facial and cervical tissues. The lifting is a surgery that consists of raising the deep tissues again and eliminating the excess of skin, providing definition and volume replacement and recovering a younger and more natural aspect.

What is a facelift?

There are 3 types of lifting that can be performed separately or in combination:

In the face: face lift
On the forehead: frontal lift
In the neck or jowls: cervical lift

It is common to perform an integral facial rejuvenation treatment and associate the lifting with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), liposuction of the submental area (jowls) or facial lipotransference/lipofilling, achieving greater support of the facial tissues and a complete volume replacement.

Dr. Ojeda will be the one who evaluates each case individually, analyzing the anatomical characteristics, elasticity of the tissues and volume distribution. Only then we will be able to recommend the type of ideal procedure with which we are going to fulfill your desires and expectations, obtaining natural and lasting results.

In which cases is it recommended?

It is an intervention that is recommended in men or women who present:

Sagging of facial and/or cervical tissues.

Dewlap associated with skin flaccidity.

Pre-operative study

At Clínica Ángela Ojeda we always guarantee the greatest security when carrying out all interventions. Therefore in the preoperative consultation we carry out:

Detailed clinical history and physical exploration, with personal antecedents and previous pathologies.

Analytical conventional with study of coagulation.


Chest X-ray, sometimes required.


All these tests will be evaluated by one of the specialists in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation who are part of the team, who will indicate if your health condition is optimal to carry out the intervention with total safety and guarantees.

How long does the surgery take?

In order to guarantee the safety and well-being of the patient, the interventions are always performed in the hospital, in optimal conditions of hygiene and sterility.

The surgical procedure has an estimated duration of 3 - 4 hours. The anesthesia used is general or local and sedation; and the time of admission to the hospital where we perform the intervention is 24 hours.

How is the recovery after the lifting?

The first hours

After the intervention a small tube or drainage will be placed behind the ears to avoid the accumulation of liquids in the area. In addition, if the cervical area has been operated on, a chin strap or elastic compression bandage will be placed in the submental region. The morning after the operation we will perform the first treatment. It will be Dr. Ojeda personally who will assess that everything is within the planned.

The first days

During the first 24-48 hours it is possible to have slight discomfort, with a sensation of tension. For it we will take care to guide the necessary analgesia, which together with the relative rest, they will manage to control the above mentioned annoyances.

All treatments and check-ups will be carried out by professionals who are part of our medical team. During the first week it is normal to present a swollen and bruised appearance, which will disappear as the days go by.

The desired appearance is not evident right after the surgery, you will have to wait approximately 1 month for the swelling to go down and the definitive results will be progressively verified.

To guarantee the quality of the result, we individualize each post-operative process with personalized indications. Therefore, we consider it essential for a correct recovery and excellent results to follow the guidelines set by both the doctor and her team.

The first weeks

3-4 days after the operation, you will be able to have a more or less normal family life. However, in order for the inflammation to be reduced and for you to be able to return to work, 10-15 days are usually required. Non-impact sports can be resumed progressively from the 4th week onwards, always with the consent of your surgeon.

How much does the lifting cost?

The price of the lifting depends on the technique used, which varies according to the anatomical characteristics of each patient. Therefore, at Clínica Ángela Ojeda we will provide you with an individualized budget according to your needs, please contact us.