The passage of time or the lack of physical activity causes the gluteal area to lose its original shape.

Techniques and procedures

1 - 2 hours
Local and sedation
Outpatient clinic
Return to work 2-3 days

What is a gluteoplasty?

We cannot deny that in recent years, with the evolution of beauty canons, the search for a buttocks area with more volume and projection has been enhanced. Sometimes, the passage of time or the lack of physical activity makes this area lose its original shape. Precisely because of this, buttock augmentation is one of the most demanded surgeries.

Gluteoplasty is a surgery through which we manage to shape the gluteal area; increasing the volume, the projection and improving the harmony of this body region.

Recommended for both men and women with:

Desire to improve the body contour

Gluteal atrophy: flat butt

Loss of projection or areas of fat depression

What does a gluteoplasty involve?

There are different techniques for remodeling the gluteal area: augmentation with silicone prosthesis and lipofilling.

Augmentation with silicone prostheses

In Clínica Ángela Ojeda we chose the lipofilling as the preferred technique to carry out the gluteoplasty. It is an intervention in which the patient´s fat is injected in different regions of the gluteus with the objective of increasing the volume, the projection and improving the harmony of this corporal region.

The fat is obtained from those areas of the body where there is an excess, for example the abdomen, buttocks or inner thighs. Precisely for this reason, it is an intervention that can be complementary to the combined performance of a liposuction, taking advantage of that fat to infiltrate the gluteal area.

The resulting scars are minimal, since they only correspond to the entry points of the cannula, of a few mm.

It will be Dr. Ojeda who will evaluate each case individually, analyzing the anatomical characteristics and shape of your buttocks. Only then can we recommend the ideal type of procedure that will meet your wishes and expectations, obtaining natural and lasting results.

How long does fat last after gluteal lipofilling?

The infiltrated fat is permanent, however, some of it is reabsorbed. In the literature it is described that during the first 3 months up to 30% of the fat we have infiltrated can be reabsorbed, however it is variable and depends mainly on the method of purification and the patient's own characteristics.

Following our protocols, the fat obtained through liposuction is processed and purified before being injected into the buttocks, thus reducing the rate of fat reabsorption and improving its survival rate.

Pre-operative study

At Clínica Ángela Ojeda we always guarantee the greatest security when carrying out all interventions. For that reason in the preoperative consultation we carry out:

Detailed clinical history and physical exploration, with personal antecedents and previous pathologies.

Analytical conventional with study of coagulation.


Chest X-ray, sometimes required.


All these tests will be assessed by one of the specialists in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation who are part of the team, who will indicate whether your state of health is optimal for carrying out the intervention with total safety and guarantees.

How long does the surgery take?

In order to guarantee the safety and well-being of the patient, the interventions are always performed in the hospital, in optimal conditions of hygiene and sterility.

The surgical procedure has an estimated duration of 1-2 hours. The anesthesia used is local and sedation. The regime of admission to the hospital where we perform the intervention is ambulatory.

How is the recovery from a gluteoplasty?

During the first days it is normal to have some discomfort, with a feeling of heaviness and some bruising. For this we will take care to schedule the necessary analgesia, which together with relative rest, will manage to control such discomfort.

From the first day we will recommend walks to encourage the reabsorption of the edema (swelling) by stimulating lymphatic and venous circulation. After 2-3 days after the operation, you will be able to lead a more or less normal life and return to work. Non-impact sports can be resumed progressively from the 3rd week onwards, always with the consent of your surgeon.

All treatments and check-ups will be carried out by professionals who are part of our medical team. The desired aspect is not evident right after the surgery. You will have to wait approximately 1 month, when the swelling goes down, to progressively check the definitive results.

In order to guarantee the quality of the result, we individualize each post-operative process with personalized indications. Therefore, we consider it essential for a correct recovery and excellent results, to follow the guidelines set by both the doctor and her team.

How much does a gluteoplasty cost?

The price of the gluteoplasty depends on the desires and anatomical characteristics of each patient. Therefore, at Clínica Ángela Ojeda we will provide you with an individualized budget according to your needs, please contact us.