Hyaluronic acid allows us to address the signs of facial aging by filling wrinkles and providing volume.

Techniques and procedures

30 mins
Not required

What is hyaluronic acid?

One of the most widely used products in aesthetic medicine is Hyaluronic Acid. It provides hydration and/or volume in the treated areas, improving the quality of the skin and fighting the signs of aging.

Facial aging encompasses several factors. On the one hand, there is a loss of facial volume. The wear and tear of the malar bones that provide projection to the cheek area causes the flattening of the cheekbones, losing support in the lower eyelid and cheek area. In addition, there is a loss in the elasticity and quality of the skin; generally associating a "sagging" component.

Why hyaluronic acid?

It is one of the safest products on the market, since it is naturally found in the dermis and other structures of the human body. Our team always advocates the infiltration of the highest quality and safest products. We must bear in mind that our face will gradually change over the years, so it is essential to avoid injecting permanent or non-absorbable fillers; traditionally associated with problems of infections, granulomas, displacements...

Non-permanent or reabsorbable fillers such as hyaluronic acid allow us to adapt the treatments to these new changes, thus offering a young but always natural look.

When is infiltration with hyaluronic acid recommended?

There are multiple regions or areas that we can treat with hyaluronic acid, we will select one or another product with different characteristics of density and reticulation depending on the area to be infiltrated.

  • Wrinkle filling
  • Treatment of marionette lines or nasolabial folds: wrinkles from the nose to the lips
  • Barcode treatment
  • Rejuvenate the look by treating the furrow of the eye and periorbital region, eliminating the tired and aged look of the face
  • Provide volume to harmonize and rejuvenate the facial area: cheekbones, brow line, chin
  • To highlight the jawbone arch area
  • Profile, hydrate and/or add volume to lips

You can choose to treat a specific area or opt for a comprehensive approach to the entire facial area. In Clínica Ángela Ojeda we will carry out a first individual evaluation of each case, analyzing the anatomical characteristics and morphology of each patient. Only then we will be able to recommend the type of ideal procedure with which we are going to fulfill your desires and expectations, obtaining natural and lasting results.

How is hyaluronic acid administered?

The treatment is carried out by means of small punctures with a needle or very fine cannulas, with the aim of infiltrating the product into the treatment area.

How much does the treatment with hyaluronic acid cost?

The price depends on the region / regions to be treated; and if other facial rejuvenation procedures are associated. Therefore, in Clínica Ángela Ojeda we will facilitate you an individualized budget according to your needs, please contact us.