Techniques and procedures

1 - 2 hours
24 hours
Return to work 3 - 4 days
Years. The prosthesis currently used does not require replacement, but it is necessary to follow up.

What is prosthesis replacement?

Secondary breast surgeries include all those procedures that are performed on a breast that has been previously intervened. These include the following procedures:

  • Replacement of implants
  • Implant Removal
  • Correction of asymmetries
  • Correction of previous complications: capsular contracture, sinmastia, implant malposition...

It is a surgical procedure in which breast implants are removed and replaced in order to achieve a more natural and aesthetic result.

Why may a prosthesis replacement be necessary?

Desire to change the volume or shape of the breasts

Implant rupture.

Capsular contracture.

Previous unsatisfactory aesthetic result.

What does replacement surgery involve?

Prosthesis replacement surgery, being a secondary surgery, is a more complex and demanding procedure than primary augmentation mammoplasty. Among other reasons because the breast usually suffers a process of relative tissue atrophy that is determined by the compression of the implant.

In addition to the placement of a new prosthesis, it is usually necessary to remove the capsule that is generated around the previous implant and the appropriate remodeling of the mammary gland to obtain an optimal result.

For all this, a detailed study of the initial situation and the wishes and expectations of each patient is necessary. Dr. Ojeda will be the one who evaluates each case individually, analyzing the anatomical characteristics and shape of your breasts. Only then we will be able to recommend the ideal type of procedure with which we will fulfill your wishes and expectations, obtaining natural and lasting results.

Pre-operative study

At Clínica Ángela Ojeda we always guarantee the greatest security when carrying out all interventions. For that reason in the preoperative consultation we carry out:

Detailed clinical history and physical exploration, with personal antecedents and previous pathologies.

Analytical conventional with study of coagulation.


Chest X-ray, sometimes required.

In addition, because it is breast surgery, it is advisable to have a recent mammogram, especially if you have a family history of breast cancer.

All these tests will be evaluated by one of the specialists in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation who are part of the team, who will indicate if your state of health is optimal to carry out the intervention with total security and guarantees.

How is the recovery in prosthesis replacement?

The first hour

After the intervention, a compressive elastic bandage will be placed to improve the comfort of the patients in the immediate post-operative period.

The morning after the operation we will make the first cure, removing the dressings and drains, if necessary. Dr. Ojeda will personally assess that everything is within the planned timeframe and a specific bra will be fitted, which will have to be maintained for approximately 1 month.

The first 24-48 hours

During the first 24-48 hours it is normal to be more upset, with a feeling of pressure in the chest and moderate pain. For this we will take care of the necessary analgesia, which together with relative rest, will manage to control such discomfort.

All cures and check-ups will be carried out by professionals who are part of our medical team. To guarantee the quality of the result, we individualize each post-operative process with personalized indications. Therefore, we consider it essential for a correct recovery and excellent results to follow the guidelines set by both the doctor and her team.

The first 3-5 days

3-5 days after the operation, you will be able to lead a more or less normal life and return to work, with certain limitations on effort. Non-impact sports can be resumed progressively from the 4th week onwards, always with the consent of your surgeon.

Mammographic controls should continue to be carried out according to the age of each woman, with prior warning of the existence of breast prostheses.

How long does the surgery take?

In order to guarantee the safety and well-being of the patient, the interventions are always performed in the hospital, in optimal conditions of hygiene and sterility.

The surgical procedure has an estimated duration of 1-2 hours. The anesthesia used is general and the time of admission to the hospital where we perform the intervention is 24 hours.

How much does the replacement of prosthesis cost?

The price of the prosthesis replacement depends on the techniques used and the type of implant selected. Therefore, in Clínica Ángela Ojeda we will provide you an individualized budget according to your needs, please contact us.